hummingbird-cardinal-flower.jpg.838x0_q80A lot of people think that hanging out a quick hummingbird feeder is enough to encourage hummers into their gardens. While hummingbirds will stop by and eat from these feeders, they tend to quickly move on to more welcoming gardens. Creating an ideal garden for hummingbirds offers more than just food. They offer all of the basic essentials for bird life. Hummingbirds come and stay in gardens that are perfectly suited for them. Here's what you need to create an ideal garden for hummingbirds.

Many hummingbirds are a migratory species of bird that spend the winters in South and Central America, and in the spring travel all the way up to North America and even into parts of Canada where they spend the warm season breeding, raising young, and preparing to fly south again. Hummingbirds rely on the nectar found in flowers, which they get plenty of in South America. But, they need the abundant insects found in the spring and summer in the lands of North America and Canada to successfully raise healthy babies. They also

maxresdefault (3)Lazy Gardening Techniques are great gardening methods for those who don't have a lot of time or money, but still want a beautiful, healthy landscape. This method of gardening is also excellent for those with health considerations or mobility differences that make traditional gardening methodology difficult or even impossible. Also, for those who live in areas with less than ideal soil (clay is common), this method takes the digging and amending of heavy clay and makes it a thing of the past.

You'll love the Lazy Gardening Technique because it makes creating new raised garden beds of all kinds a cinch, and for gardeners this is an inescapable gateway to more space, which means more planting, and more fun. So what is the Lazy Gardening Technique?

Originally designed for easy and quick vegetable planting, the Lazy Technique is pretty simple. It's a way to prepare garden space without tilling or digging of the soil. It also means the blocking and eradication of weeds and difficult to remove grass turf, again, without digging or a lot

unduhan (35)Gardening for some, no matter the amount of work goes into it, is a very enjoyable task - from hauling the dirt, to cutting the brambles, to pulling the weeds - it's all good stuff. But for many of us, we love our gardens and don't mind a little weekend upkeep, but we certainly don't find the idea of making it a full time job enjoyable. Thankfully, there are some pretty awesome gardening hacks that make gardening a whole lot easier. Great tools and time saving materials and habits like putting down a good mulch regularly are a couple of hacks that help, but one is so simply obvious yet dismissed that it might boggle the mind. Simply put, if you plant the right perennials in your garden, your life will be a lot easier. It's true - many perennial plants make gardening easy.

Here are some of our favorite perennials that make gardening easier with the biggest amount of "WOW" factor to boot!

Perennials in their own right save you a lot of time and headache. Once established, they come back year after year without a

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For one, you may not have any outdoors yard space available in your home. Additionally, you may be too busy to devote enough time and effort in gardening and maintaining a large garden. Additionally, the conditions where you live may not be ideal and it may be hard for you to get a healthy garden going outside. Regardless of the reason, there is always the option for you to introduce plants indoors, where you can successfully grow them and reap the benefits from organic food. Here is what you need to get the project going:

- Some available space - the good thing about indoors gardening is that it can thrive in as little or as much space as you are willing to spare. Devote a sole windowsill, or a small table and you can have yourself enough space to get started. Shelves make another excellent option, as they offer a lot of room for planting, while taking up vertical space in the most effective manner.

- Consider light - light is an important requirement for healthy indoors produce. Every gardening expert would agree that

unduhan (33)There are a number of greenhouse designs to consider with regards to your needs and characteristics of your backyard. Some of these designs are relatively simple to construct while others are more complex. Some designs will be better suited for properties with limited space available. Other designs will fit in well if they are constructed on larger properties with established gardens. Let us consider some of these designs.

1. Lean-To Style Greenhouse - This greenhouse design is ideally suited for those whose live on properties with small backyards or no backyards at all. The structure is relatively simple to build. It generally resemble an a-frame building cut in half from the top of its roof to the ground below. As the name suggests it will lean up against the side of your home with access generally achieved through your patio door. the optimal location should be on the side of the home with receives the most sunlight. This type of structure is simple in design but will require some insight of how to fasten it securely to the side of a building such as your home, garage or

unduhan (32)The abundant volume of grass cuttings during late Spring and Summer often greatly exceeds the supply of other green waste to make a suitable and usable compost mixture. If this is the case then you can use solely grass cuttings or combine them with other mixed green waste. This particular method involves the use of soil as an essential ingredient, and you must ensure that the pile is never turned and should be kept covered to keep it out of the rain.

Essentially you must keep in as much heat as possible. One way is to make the pile a large one, although in warmer climes the heat comes naturally within the pile and requires little assistance. Plastic compost bins, or adapted receptacles, are much better than using ordinary plastic bags, are very sturdy and make a big difference.

The actions to take are fairly simple. Firstly, you need to make a layer of grass cuttings about 20 cm in depth. Next, spread a layer of shredded carbohydrate rich material,l such as newspaper or sawdust, over the surface. You can even use oatbran or such like if

63612edf52a5fd3070deec6d5cbfe484Greenhouses are typically thought of as structures solely for growing plants. However, thinking of a greenhouse in the simplest of terms, a glass structure, will open the door to the limitless possibilities greenhouses have to offer. Gardening is a popular use for greenhouses, since they create the ideal living environment for plants; however, their ample lighting makes them perfect for rehab facilities, and their abundance of windows allows users to enjoy the great outdoors without having to physically be outside. For this reason, greenhouses are the perfect structure to use for nightly stargazing with family, friends, or a significant other. Stargazing greenhouses are great for homes, but they are also a wonderful addition to children's camps and retirement homes. What was once a summer time activity can be enjoyed at any time of year by using a greenhouse for stargazing.

The physical location of the greenhouse is important, and planning it in an open area with little to no tree coverage will be the most ideal positioning for a clear view of the stars at night. A freestanding greenhouse

299Everyone loves a beautiful garden whether big or small. Designing your ideal garden is easy when proper planning is done in advance. A small patio garden is very private and easy to maintain, depending on where you would like your garden to be laid out. If you are living in a small complex where there is no space for a garden, you can design the garden on your patio. If you have small but enough space, then go on and design the ideal garden you want.

If it's your first time designing a garden you can either hire a professional landscape architect, or you can do it yourself. Designing your own garden shouldn't be very difficult especially if you have ideas on how you would want it to look. Either way, designing your garden should be a fun and relaxing experience. Get all the information you would require to design a garden and do it yourself. You will get a list of garden items such as flowers, plants, spade, wheel barrow, garden fork, paving bricks, cobblestones and other

IMG_19601If you like to grow African violets and other indoor flowers, herbs and fruits, good thing is that such plants don't require much space to grow. Depending on the violet plant size, common 5-12 cm (2 - 5 inch) plastic flower pots are usually more than large enough. Sometimes, such pots are even too big.

Violets vary in size from micro African violets, with plant width less than 7.6 cm (3 inches) to giant and trailing violets with plant width larger than 40cm (16 inches). Standard African violets width is between 20 and 40 cm (8 - 16 inches) and these plants are most common violets.

Herbs like parsley, celery and chives have very short growing period and their requirements for space are also very modest. Fruits like strawberries are grown yearlong and they have similar requirements like all other indoor plants, but they also require hand-pollination.

For plants to grow, bloom and even bear fruits, they require proper light and temperature, adequate humidity, enough, but not too much water and good growing medium.

Room and

Zoysia-Grass-5Zoysia is a particular variety of hardy grass that grows well in a wide range of conditions. This type of grass also requires far less watering and mowing than most grasses. This particular variety of grass can also create a natural thick and soft carpet that feels great for bare feet. Zoysia is also ideal because it actually grows differently. It expands sideways and doesn't grow higher in a short span of time. Because of this, this type of grass can become so dense and becomes effective at choking out most summer weeds and replacing existing grass that you don't want on your lawn anymore.

Although Zoysia is a low-maintenance type of grass, it still needs proper care and maintenance to make sure they maintain their appeal and good condition. Below are some useful tips you can follow to maintain your Zoysia grass:

Fertilize. All well-maintained lawns are fertilized with the right amount and kind needed for that particular grass and on a schedule based on the growing season. When you fertilize, you keep

compost-pileA walk through the woods off of the beaten path, or paved path in the case of city parks, will point out the ease of composting. Take a look at the big birch or maple or ash or oak or whatever other tree grows beside the path in your neighborhood. Depending upon the time of year, the tree is covered with leaves, losing leaves or bare of leaves. All those leaves fall to the ground. If you have a similar tree in your yard, every year you rake up what seems to be at least a foot of leaves. Why are there not at least thirty feet of leaves under the trees in the woods accumulated over the last thirty years of growth? Surely the wind has not blown all of them away.

The answer is found beneath the few leaves left under the tree. A quick scuff of the foot reveals black earth full of organic matter, compost. First a layer of last year's leaves with the general detritus of a woodland floor, then that layer

unduhan (31)I wonder about growing plants from seed every year, even though I used to start over twelve hundred every year. Still, it is amazing to see them grow and flourish when the seeds are often so tiny. On the other hand, there is a lot that says for us to relax and just plant them and let them grow the way want to grow.

I have watched small children and even tried to help them plant seeds to grow up to be everything for beans to marigolds to sunflowers. Their hands are small and fine coordination is lacking and their enthusiasm makes everything spill and water pour too hard and seeds go to deep. When the leaves appear and the plant grows on I am not sure who is more excited, me of them. Certainly I am amazed at how the enthusiasm has succeeded over careful manipulation and my years of practice.

When you look out our living room window you can see a bird feeder hanging from a branch of the pine tree. It is visited by all sorts of birds from chickadees to a woodpecker

A garden gnome called Borage at the Jekka's herb Garden has cause a stir at the Chelsea Flower Show Jekka McVicar hides her gnome before the judges see it

Wind chimes give our yards and gardens a special ambiance with the wonderful sounds they make whether it is a soft tinkling of inexpensive chimes or the deep soothing musical tones of the big beautiful ones. What better to accompany those great sound makers in your garden than a cute whimsical garden gnome.

Garden gnomes have been around much longer than you probably think. The tradition has been around since the early 1800's with Germany being the first to produce them in factories there and the gnomes were made of clay. However, they actually became popular in the 1840's after folks in England started adding them to their gardens. The first garden-gnomes that were mass-produced came from Germany in the 1870's. With the onset of the world wars, production of the garden gnomes soon came to a halt. The gnomes we know today, many made of plastic began making their appearance

MiniMeadowHeroWith attention paid to the plight of diminishing wildlife, especially populations of pollinators such as native bees and butterflies, people have responded with an interest in ways they can help keep what pollinators are left and even help increase populations.

This has resulted in a heavy interest in native plants as alternative choices in landscapes, and has changed much of the approaches we take when designing landscapes, as to make benefitting wildlife a priority in design. Ultimately, creating gardens and landscapes that resemble a healthy, established native ecosystem is the ultimate goal, but doing so takes a lot of space, money, and time. So what's the typical eco-conscious gardener living in the urban jungle to do?

Many gardeners are falling in love with the ideas of mini-meadows. While it's not acres of native restored prairie gardens, it's still a beautiful way to enjoy wonderful, healthy plants in the landscape while helping out the bees and butterflies (and birds and a plethora of other native wildlife).

Native prairie plants have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years in tough climate

po3i5nvpk4236wiWith so many people moving into the city and suburban neighborhoods, time spent in the country at grandmas, or on the ranch at our aunts as children become memories that are like childhood stories in the backs of our minds. Nostalgia hits many of us really hard as we grow, buy homes, maybe have kids (or pets, or both). Recapturing these memories for the ones we love, and for ourselves, can become like an elusive butterfly.

We find ourselves asking things like, "What kind of apple tree did grandpa have with those amazing apples that I've never found elsewhere?" and "I wish I had a kitchen garden like we had growing up!" Some of us even go as far as to smuggle a couple of chickens and a tiny chicken coop into our city backyards for a taste of fresh home grown eggs and the sound of happy clucking hens like we might have had as kids. So how can you capture some of this goodness from the past for your garden of today?

The first thing you want to

DSCN7464This holiday season, say goodbye to tradition and embrace something new. Instead of lugging out the Christmas tree stand, cleaning up fallen pine needles, and throwing away a tree at the end of December, invest in a potted option from your local plant nursery that will be around for years to come. Not only will this help out the environment by keeping trees out of the landfill, but indoor greenery also helps purify the air inside your home and will save money in the long run.

Indoor trees can help bring dimension to the interior design of a home while also creating a sense of calm. Choose a tree that has sturdy branches for hanging ornaments and lights. The Norfolk Island Pine is a great option if you don't want to stray too far from the traditional Christmas tree look. This tropical option has sparse branches that make the decorations stand out. It makes a great statement piece in the interior decor of any home.

Looking for something more practical? Decorating a potted rosemary

boysenberry_1Weather forecasters are predicting a cooler, wetter January for southern California. This makes for ideal planting conditions for many types of tree, shrub and plant varieties.

Buy Bare Root Fruit Trees: January is the month to plant deciduous, bare root fruit trees. Because the trees are dormant, they are sold without soil-making them a low cost bargain this time of year. Available varieties include apple, apricot, cherry, peach and pear. Check with your local nursery for the trees that grow best in your area.

Plant Berries: Plant bare root berry vines such as raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries. These berries like cold weather. If planted now, they could provide a crop this summer. Plant two to three feet apart. Consider adding a trellis now to support the vines as they grow. Keep the new plantings well watered. Hopefully, an abundance of rain will do the watering for you.

Prune Roses: Roses should be pruned in January through February. This encourages the trees to go into full dormancy. It also enables gardeners to remove "runners" and to shape the

winter-gardeningThe most keenest of gardeners will admit not wanting to share any views on their garden during wintertime. Even so, with some experience and a simple forward preparation it's not too hard produce a garden that will provide you with something to value in the winter season.

Your garden needn't be full with dismal beds of flattened shrubbery lacking any coloring. There are winter gardeners with tailored displays around beautiful flowerbed features with twisting paths marked by trimmed flagstones, or a specially placed statue or tree or plantation that will stay beautiful in an aromatic state during winter.

They all do finally enter their own once the rest of the garden lays dormant. It's best to look for dark areas and patterns that will be highlighted by the sun low in the sky also a nice surface from a new frost. The shadows shaped from the low sun also discover highlights of textured tree bark and branches, be sure to opt for trees like silver birch or Persian ironwood due to striking winter bark.

Cut back evergreen shrubbery

Garden-Waste-RemovalFor most of us, gardening is a hobby and something that we like performing either for leisure or to keep our homes looking beautiful for ours as well as the lookers' eyes. It involves taking proper care of the lawn by mowing it well, clearing of the weeds from the flower beds, brushing aside fallen leaves and twigs from the trees and plants that are a part of our garden. You cannot deny the fact that apart from emitting residential garbage from our kitchen, our garden too comes up with necessary waste that is not required anymore such as dried leaves or cut grass.

The effects of green waste on our environment

Quite often, you would notice that there are people dispose these green wastes from our gardens into the neighbourhood garbage bins. These bins collect almost all possible garbage right from the recyclable ones to those that aren't recyclable. Often, these end up in garbage dumps and thus adding to the landfill and creating soil, water and air pollution and disturbing the environment. To help you with

8b538b53b4ccbc2a4f293a9bae47f9cfYour dwelling place does not have to end within the confines of your home but it can go beyond that, into the outside. Taking your home and sanctuary outdoors can provide your own personal relaxation spot. Gardening has always been one of my passions and giving color with variations of flowers has always made a great place of serenity. However, when I began adding special tweaks of garden gnomes and fountains plus decor, it heightened that relaxation environment times ten.

I enjoy the personalities of garden gnomes and all of the attention my garden receive when friends, family and bystanders give as they try to decipher what my gnomes are doing and what I was thinking. My gnome is sitting on his toilet reading the newspaper while others poses to smell the roses. The ones that draw the birds in to feed from their bowls, it's amazing how you notice all the little creatures, the sounds and lifestyles from this scenery. Most will always give a positive feedback as I enjoy the peaceful environment I have created.